Coduri Free Realms

Free Realms cheat codes:
Free Realm Items:
Once you're logged into the Free Realms website, you can enter the following
codes in the "Redeem-a-Code" section of the website OR in-game to unlock these
free items for the game to claim these items. NOTE: LIMIT ONE USE PER ACCOUNT!
If you have multiple characters (which is available with membership), you'll
have to decide which character gets to claim the item. Once claimed, you cannot
reuse these codes for that account. All items obtained through these codes
cannot be traded to other players & SOME items cannot be sold a all!
6TNBTGH         - Charcoal Bermuda Shorts (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS06  - Checker Charged Helmet (Lv 1 Kart Driver Item).
N4PF9R3         - Crystal Hammer (Lv 1 Brawler Weapon).
JFRE87J         - Doggy Bowling T-Shirt (Pet Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS05  - Dynamite (Lv 1 Miner Tool).
FACEBOOKFANS02  - Froggy Fries (turn into a frog, single use).
FACEBOOKFANS03  - Goat Cheese (turn into a goat, single use).
ROSESFORMOM     - Mother's Day Bouquet (Lv 1 "Free Job" Item, Exp. 17/06/2009)
ROBGOBLINBOOTY  - Robgoblin T-Shirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS04  - Shadowblade (Lv 1 Ninja Weapon).
CMNJGGE         - Spider Snack (turn into shaggy spider, single use).
KN78CH2         - Striped Shoes (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
MPT38B3         - Twilight Layered Skirt
(Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing, FEMALE'S ONLY!).
FACEBOOKFANS01  - Veggie Surprise (turn into fungal maneating plant,single use)
PXNH6HB         - turns you into a wolf
T86766R         - Chatdy Baseball Cap level 1 "Free Job" clothing.
CP24C5N         - Race Away Jacket; level 1 Kart Racer clothing.
XCZG923         - Baseball Cap; level 1 "Free Job" clothing.
STRAWBERRIES    - Strawberry Surge Helmet.
FBREDSPARKLER   - Red Sparkler (must be redeemed by 11:59 PST July 12th).
3G9MKT2         - Green Stripe T Shirt.
SUMMERSPARKLER  - Purple Sparkler (must be redeemed by 11:59 PST July 12th).
GMBZZ24B        - Free TCG Booster (arrives in trading card collection window)
SKELETAL        - Skeletal Speed Helmet.
F7KPG5A         - Chatdy Shirt.