Coduri Minecraft

Minecraft cheat codes:
Toggle view:
Press [F5] during game play in Survival mode to switch to first person view.

Press [F5] during game play in Creative mode.

Duplicate items:
Place the items to be duplicated into a box. Save and return to Main Menu.
Return to your game, take the items from the box. Hold [Alt] and press [F4]
to crash the game. reboot and return to your save, you will still have the
items in the box but they will also be in your inventory....

Display framerate:
Hold [F3] during game play.

Show current lag:
Hold [F6] during game play.

How to make infinite doors:
Place a door (wood or iron) between two cacti that have grown to at
least two blocks high. It will drop another door for you to pick up.

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