Coduri Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 cheat codes:
Start the game with the "-DEVMODE" command line parameter.
Then, press one of the following keys during game play:
[O]         - 999 ammunition
[F2]        - Advance to next checkpoint
[P]         - All weapons
[-]         - Decrease speed
[=]         - Increase speed
[F10]       - Load current position
[F5]        - Return to default speed
[F9]        - Save current position
[F11]       - Toggle extra information
[F1]        - Toggle first and third views
[Backspace] - Toggle invincibility
[F4]        - Toggle no clipping
[F3]        - Warp to Spawn point

Bonus missions:
Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes.
A message will confirm correct code entry.
"The Georgian", "The Bolivian", "Special Delivery" and "Le Frangais"
missions are now unlocked. The message "You have successfully unlocked
the missions" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Start or continue
the game. Pause game play and display the "Map Legend" menu. You will see
a new envelop legend labeled "Special Mission". Complete the tutorial and
few missions. You eventually get a phone call from a distorted voice that
sends you on your "predecessor's tracks".

Go to the envelop map legend location to find an old bus that is now a
shack and continue.  At the main menu, select the "Additional Content" option,
and choose the "Promotion Code" selection. Then, enter one of the following
case-sensitive codes to activate the cheat function:
6aPHuswe - Unlock all missions.
SpujeN7x - Unlocks the exclusive Gamestop missions.
zUmU6Rup - Unlock exclusive bonus missions.
sa7eSUPR - Unlock secret missions.
tar3QuzU - Unlock secret missions.
THaCupR4 - Unlock secret missions.
96CesuHu - Unlocks more exclusive missions.
Cr34ufrE - Unlocks more exclusive missions.
tr99pUkA - Unlocks more exclusive missions.
2Eprunef - Unlocks more exclusive missions.
JeM8SpaW - Unlocks more exclusive missions.

All missions:
Enter "6aPHuswe" or "96CesuHu" or "SpujeN7x" as a case-sensitive code. Six
bonus missions will be unlocked. They are available later during the course
of the game, after you get a phone call by a distorted voice which tells you
that you are not the first person to go after the Jackal.
"The Georgian", "The Bolivian", "Special Delivery" and "Le Francais" missions
are now unlocked.